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Package description:

Your play we pay

Casino “ABC” pays us 70$ for each player.
You will register on Casino “ABC” and deposit 10$.
After casino verified players and activities (takes from 14-28 days), we will receive our commissions (70$)
You will receive 10$ (initial deposit) + 40% .
So in this example by registering and depositing 10$ in casino “ABC” you will receive total Sum of 14$.

We work separately with every our client .
At this given moment we have 53 active projects.
There is only 1 rule:
1 person can register ONLY 1 account for specific casino, it is strictly forbidden to make multi-accounts or use any type of Proxy or VPN!!!

For example:
MR. smith lives in UK.
We will provide him with list of 5-10 casinos that operate within UK.
We inform him about approximate date of registration and deposit Sum.
After he registration at given date and deposits exact sum contract in considered completed and we will provide back initial deposit +40% to MR. smith.

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